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Reflections – Album – Maëla Raoult

June 10 – Illustrate Magazine

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June 9 – Maëla Raoult – Avalon (2022)

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Maëla Raoult – Avalon (2022)

Last Book from The French Touch’ Collection, Book 3 : Sea shanties is now available : 


Become a true pirate and develop your repertoire with this collection of Sea Shanties arranged for the clarinet. You’ll be able to play songs like : Paddy Doyle’s Boots, A sailor went to sea sea sea, Avec Jean Bart, Tri Martolod, Bonny was a warrior, Le père Lancelot, The saucy sailor, La belle barbière, A hundred years on the eastern shore, Marins de Groix, Cheerly Man, Au fait du mât d’misaine, Amsterdam maid… 

This method is made to allow little ones (and older ones) to play the clarinet easily, with the more autonomy as possible, with or without a teacher. Each tune is linked to a video that you can find by scanning the QR code.

In the same collection : Book 1 for beginners with children songs and book 2 with Christmas Songs. 

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Photography and yoga are an active part of my life. You’ll find on instagram and facebook my last yoga photos. It’s like a vital routine, something holding me alive and in good health. It also helps me to keep an impeccable technic on my instrument and makes me a more patient and aware teacher. 

You’ll find on youtube and facebook my last videos of jazz standards, clarinet solo works and contemporary pieces.