February 23 – Yorkcalling

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February 17 – Goodmusicradar

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February 15 – Indiedockmusicblog

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February 13 – Sinusoidal Music

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February 10 – Mc Kinney Music

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October 22 – The Table Read Magazine – Interview

Clarinet player Maëla Raoult talks about her love of jazz music, her latest track, Over The Rainbow, and her advice to inspire other musicians.

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September 1 – The Table Read Magazine – Interview

On The Table Read, “the best arts magazine in the UK“, jazz musician Maëla Raoult talks about her music career and her latest release, Over The Rainbow.

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August 11 – The Reader’s House Magazine – Interview & Award of Excellence

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August 2 – Stephane Larue

Over the Rainbow : Stéphane Larue

August 1 – Over the Rainbow : Bernieshoot



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June 10 – Illustrate Magazine

Illustrate Magazine

June 9 – The other side reviews – Avalon

http://The other side reviews – Avalon (2022)

Mai 29 : Atmosfera imagética e virtuosismo na interpretaçao de Debussy de Maëla Raoult

Roadie Music

Mai 29, 2022 – Info Music – Une petite dose de “Minstrels” version Maëla Raoult pour habiller votre journée 

Une petite dose de Minstrel pour habiller votre journée

Mai 21, 2022 – MUSICARENAGH – Maëla Raoult – Minstrels

Maela Raoult reveals more about her latest single Minstrels and her music career

Mai 5, 2022 – Avalon – EP – Press release 

Avalon – Press release

Avalon – Communiqué de presse

Mai 1, 2022 – TJPLNEWS – Maëla Raoult – Avalon


Mai, 2022 – Blog Review

Maëla is Spreading Her Musical Aura with The Song ‘Minstrels’

Mai 1, 2022 – The French Touch’ Collection

Communiqué de presse – The French Touch’ Collection

April 29, 2022 – The French Touch’ Collection 

Press release : The French Touch’ Collection 

April 26, 2022 – Minstrels

Press release : Single Minstrels – Debussy – Maëla Raoult