Book 1 : Absolute beginner

Book I : absolute beginner, composed and arranged by Maëla Raoult, is available at your favorite bookstore.

Book I of The French Touch’ Collection is now available in your libraries’ network. This method, designed by Maëla Raoult, allows beginners to learn the clarinet step by step.

It is with the help of famous rhymes in English and French and personal compositions that Maëla lets you discover the instrument.

Each song is linked to a freely accessible video while scanning the QR code.

Maëla Raoult - The French Touch Collection - Book 1

Learning for everyone, step by step

It is through the use of arrangements of famous nursery rhymes in English and French, as well as adapted personal compositions, that Maëla allows you to learn the clarinet.

You will recognize famous songs such as Une souris verte, Sur le pont d’Avignon or Frère Jacques but also Hickory Dickory Dock, Mary had a little lamb and Humpty Dumpty.  Lyrics are written after each song, giving you or your child the opportunity to sing along before playing.

 Alternately, you will be able to discover Maëla’s personal compositions, enabling  day after day the learning of the instrument. These compositions make it possible to grasp each notion and technical difficulty in a progressive way. 

Each time a new note is approached, you will find a small picture indicating the correct fingerings. The learning of staccato is introduced with the help of small exercises specially written. Various rhythms as well as ternary pulsation are evoked throughout the method. For some of the songs, a piano accompaniment part allows the wind musician to make his duo debut. 

The scores can also be used for other instruments in Eb, C or Bb. Only the correct fingerings will have to be specified with your teacher. This method is designed to give the beginner clarinetist, young and older, an evolutionary learning, without any difficulties.

Each song is linked to a video

In order to give the student as much autonomy as possible, a video is freely linked to each song by a QR code. All you have to do is to scan the code with your phone and you will have access to the video corresponding to the song. 

Each song is associated with two videos. One for C clarinets and one for Bb clarinets. Indeed, some teachers suggest in the first year that children with small hands begin with a C clarinet.. The others will have access to the video for clarinets in Bb directly.

 These videos allow the student to read, listen to and play his score with or without a teacher. They allow you to hear sounds and melody easily. They also let you visualize the fingerings and technique at any time. 

If you or your child want to start playing the clarinet in an entertaining and playful way, this is the method you need. Learn while having fun and rediscover, with family, the songs of your childhood. Give your child the opportunity to progress at his or her own pace week after week, with or without a teacher, using the videos offered that accompany each song. 

Find now The French Touch’ Collection: Absolute Beginner – Book 1 in eBook version or in print at one of our online sales partners or in your music bookstore.