Book 3 : Sea shanties

Embark on a musical journey with “Book III: Sea Shanties,” thoughtfully arranged by the talented Maëla Raoult, and now available on sheetmusic direct, scorexchange and at your favorite bookseller.

Dive into the captivating world of “The French Touch’ Collection” as we unveil Book III, a collection of timeless Sea Shanties meticulously selected and expertly arranged by Maëla Raoult. This enchanting repertoire is tailored to nurture the young clarinetist’s development, offering an assortment of the most famous sailors’ songs.

A Musical Voyage

Within these pages, aspiring clarinetists, both young and old, will have the opportunity to expand their musical repertoire with a selection of beloved sea shanties. Rediscover the merriment of songs such as “Tri Martolod,” “Paddy Doyle’s Boots,” “A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea,” “Avec Jean Bart,” “Bonny Was a Warrior,” “Le Père Lancelot,” “Marins de Groix,” “Cheerly Man,” “Au Fait du Mât d’Misaine,” “Amsterdam Maid,” and many more.

Chantsdemarins-courveryure-scaled Book 3 : Sea shanties

Perfectly Tailored for Second or Third-Year Clarinetists

This method is thoughtfully designed for second or third-year clarinetists, providing an engaging repertoire to practice register transitions on the instrument. Most songs are initially presented in the lower notes and subsequently in the upper octave. These awesome melodies offer a comprehensive approach to improve various technical aspects encountered in the second or third year, including rhythms, articulations, ternary structures, register transitions, nuances, and more—all while enjoying the music.

Video accompaniement for Enhanced Autonomy

To facilitate your musical journey, each song is thoughtfully linked to a freely accessible video. Simply scan the QR code with your phone or tablet to immerse yourself in the melody of each composition. These videos empower students to learn and practice independently, with or without the guidance of a teacher, and to access the songs at their convenience.

The French Touch Collection,
Where Learning Meets Fun

“The French Touch’ Collection” is the ultimate clarinet method that seamlessly blends learning with enjoyment. Transform yourself into a true musical pirate and bring to life the most renowned sea shanties.

Available Now

“The French Touch’ Collection – Sea Shanties – Book 3” is available in both eBook and print formats, on sheetmusic direct, scorexchange or at your local bookstore. Don’t miss your chance to become a musical pirate and enjoy the most famous sea shanties.