Book 3 : Sea shanties

Book III : Sea shanties, arranged by Maëla Raoult, is available at your favorite bookseller. 

Book III of The French Touch’ Collection is now available in your music libraries’ network.  This collection of Sea Shanties, selected and arranged by Maëla Raoult, allows the young clarinetist to develop his repertoire and play the most famous sailors’ songs of the repertoire. 

Each song is linked to a freely accessible video while scanning the QR code. 

The French Touch Collection – Sea shanties

Sea shanties arranged for the clarinet

Discover or let your child discover the most famous sea shanties arranged for the clarinet. This collection allows the youngest, and older, to increase their repertoire with this selection of Sailors Songs. Rediscover joyful songs such as Tri Martolod, Paddy Doyle’s Boots, A sailor went to sea sea sea, Avec Jean Bart, Bonny was a warrior, Le père Lancelot, Marins de Groix, Cheerly Man, Au fait du mât d’misaine, Amsterdam maid etc… 

This method is adapted for second or third years clarinetists. It allows you to practice register transitions on the instrument. Most of the songs are first exposed in the low notes and then a second in the upper octave. These songs make it possible to approach most of the technical notions to be learnt  in the second or third year: rhythms, articulations, ternary, register transitions, nuances etc. while having fun.

Each song is linked to a video

Each song is linked to a freely accessible video by scanning the QR code with a phone or touch pad. This video allows you to hear the melody of each song and helps the student to gain autonomy. 

It gives young and old the opportunity to learn the song with or without the help of a teacher and to have access to it at any time. 

As you will have understood, The French touch’ collection is the essential method to learn clarinet while having fun. Transform yourself as a true pirate and perform the most famous sea shanties. 

Find now The French Touch’ Collection – Sea shanties – Book 3 in eBook version or in print at one of our online sales partners or in your music bookstore.